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Exploring Our Micro Algae solutions

"Welcome to the heart of innovation at Greengine and explore our Microalgae Solutions for Industrial and Direct Air Carbon Capture. As pioneers in sustainable technology, we are using Microalgae (tiny photosynthetic organisms), which show great promise in both industrial settings and direct air capture. In industrial carbon capture, microalgae can efficiently absorb and convert carbon emissions into valuable biomass, which will be further processed to make Bio Products. Simultaneously, in direct air capture, these versatile microorganisms act as natural carbon sinks, playing a crucial role in reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. Leveraging the power of microalgae presents an exciting avenue for combating climate change while harnessing nature's potential for a greener, cleaner future."

Engineered Photo-Bioreactor Systems

Greengine’s research focuses on engineered photo-bioreactor systems that harness the power of microalgae and photosynthesis. These systems are designed to tackle CO2 sequestration from anthropogenic sources.

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